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Continental Construction Tires

Construction fleet D.W. Cary Hauling was looking for a tough tire to withstand demolition sites, with the traction to support muddy farmland deliveries, and provide good mileage on their 200-mile round trip routes. After testing the Conti HSC 3, they’ve found the tire they can depend on.

Construction Tire Solutions

Our Generation 3 Construction Line is engineered specifically to meet the needs of the construction environment: improved mileage, even wear, minimal stone retention & drilling prevention, maximum retreadability, improved durability and improved safety. With new tires, retreads, digital solutions & services, Continental delivers the Lowest Overall Driving Cost

Continental’s Intelligent Tire

Continental’s intelligent tire comes with a pre-mounted tire sensor, which constantly monitors pressure and temperature.

ContiTread™ Premium Retreads

Wondering which of Continental’s digital tire monitoring solutions is right for you? This guide will help you select the best TPMS for your fleet.

TPMS Solutions Finder

Learn more about ContiTread™, Continental Tire’s premium product for cold retreading of truck tires and bus tires.



Reduce your truck tire costs with Continental’s global lifecycle solution.

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We haves shipped the first tires from its warehouse, less than four years after the initial groundbreaking.

We announces the appointment of two new leaders for the Truck Tires business.

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